talking cure

What is meant by the talking cure? From time to time everybody has moments when they feel like saying “I’m at my wit’s end” or “I just can’t go on like this”. Such reactions are normal, often we know what particular event has made us feel fed up and manage to keep a sense of perspective, knowing that these darker moments pass.

But sometimes – for most of us at some point in our lives – we may feel angry, hurt, frightened or sad without being able to find a sense of proportion. Often it can happen that such feelings persist, or recur from time to time with such insistence that we feel the need of professional advice to resolve things. It is in situations like these that counselling or psychotherapy can be of enormous help

Talking helps

Think about it, until about a century ago, there was no such things as ‘counselling’ or ‘talk therapy’, even psychology was in its early days. Yet people did talk about their problems; to a wise persona priest, a trusted friend… sometimes, even a stranger! The talking cure has been around since people started speaking to each other. In other words it’s as old as mankind. Conversation is therapeutic, but it has to be done the right way.

For many people anything which involves ‘delving into the mind’ is strictly taboo.
This unhelpful image often stops people seeking help with counselling or psychotherapy, which offer many ways of improving how we see the world and enjoying life more. They are also increasingly necessary and becoming more widely accepted.

At some point in our lives we can all benefit from talking to someone outside our family or friends about something that is troubling us. But how to go about finding someone? I’ve written an article outlining some popular schools of therapy. It gives pointers on how to go about choosing a therapist. Think about it, but don’t suffer in silence.

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