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Relationship problems have a way of getting worse ‘all by themselves’. Except, that it isn’t that they do it by themselves. We give them a helping hand.

If you are in a relationship that is in difficulty or has broken down, you are not helpless. You are probably unwilling to tackle it, and maybe you wouldn’t know where to start.

Chances are, the other person is thinking much the same things, so you have something in common, which is a great starting point.

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What If We’re Wrong About Addiction?

What really causes addiction. And how can we overcome it? You might think that the experts know how to deal with addiction, and how to help people ‘rehabilitate’ themselves. It’s a reassuring thought, but incorrect. We are obsessed with punishment (after all, addicts do it to themselves, don’t they?), and the whole caboodle based on misconceptions […]

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Not Perfect But Not Imperfect Either


Some people make a habit of publicising what they see as their imperfections by making apologising in advance. It’s not helpful to them, the situation, or the relationship.

And false modesty is not attractive.

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