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Offer closes 30/06/19

You can still enroll in my online course Sleep – Tips and Techniques for Beating Insomnia.

Get the full course and lifetime access for just £12.50 (about $16.00), enrol by 30th June. Use the coupon code 504U to claim this generous discount.

Quality AND quantity

It’s not just how much you sleep that is important (sleep science says between 7 and 9 hours on average), but also how well you sleep that matters.

Getting the right amount and the right quality of sleep are vital factors in overall health and wellbeing, but this importance is often forgotten or ignored.

Our societies are obsessed with quality of life, and pay a lot of attention to diet and exercise. We make sure we eat and dring wisely and, given the choice, we won’t allow ourselves to go hungry or thirsty.

But we’ll happily accept lost sleep and even tiredness. We make all sorts of excuses for this but nothing alters the fact that if we sleep too little, we suffer. You can accumulate a sleep debt without realising it, and the consequences can be dire.

The bottom line is that sleep matters a lot, but we are often unaware of just how important it is. The good news is that however well or badly you sleep, you can always do something to ensure that your sleep does its job and you wake in the morning feeling refreshed.

Join me on my sleep course to find out how.

Here’s that coupon code again: 504U

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