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Having your cake and eating it is possible if you consume wisely.

There’s more opportunity than there ever was. We are living in the richest time in history our species has ever known. It’s tempting to over-do, over-commit, over-spend, over-indulge, over-eat, over-expect… and several other ‘overs-‘. It’s a list without end.

There’s so much more gateau out there than we can ever eat, and the more there is, it seems the less time we have to enjoy it.

Personally, I’m big on cakes; I have never deprived myself of a piece of cake when it has been offered. It’s never been a problem for me and my BMI is within recommended limits. Maybe it’s because I don’t feel tempted to bite off more than I can chew, nor to consume the whole lot.

I have learned that what’s on the plate is what I have, and to eat it with enjoyment. You can have your cake and eat it, just don’t over-do it.

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