elder care

A Workplace Webinar

Caring for a dependent elderly person can be demanding and stressful When the carer also has a full-time job managing the day-to-day demands of the two roles and dealing with the necessary concerns of the health and wellbeing of the person being cared for, normally manageable concerns can appear out of proportion and increase the stress. 

The stress of caring for a dependent can be considerable, bringing with it a range of side-effects and emotions that can be difficult to deal with. Many car- ers are surprised to find themselves affected in this way, yet the right guidance and some preparation will help the carer remain more resilient, the better to fulfil the demands of their dual-role. 

This one-hour webinar covers the key points of elder-care to help planning and communication, and suggests ways in which carers can build their own resilience in order to respond to the demands, often medium to long term, of caring for an elderly person. 


  • The demanding role of the carer
  •  The ‘dual-role’ stress reaction
  •  Emotional responses in carers
  •  Three ways to remain more resilient
  • Caring for yourself
  • Effective listening and acknowledgement.


Consider particular aspects of caring for an ageing person 

Understand the range of demands a carer must respond to

Gain insight into balancing the demands of work and home life Understand how to improve communications with this age group 

Reflect on and develop your level of natural resilience.

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