think like an optimist,Depression Advice That Might Surprise You

They say that depression is like being in a darkened room. You know there must be a light switch, but you can’t find it. You try feeling your way around, it just makes you feel more hopeless, and you doubt the existence of the light switch.

The thing is, the switch is in another room, the one next door. Nobody tells you this (which is why I’m telling you now).

You can’t fix depression using the same mindset that created it. You have to go somewhere else to find the resources to do it. It’s hard to believe this when you are in the dark, so it’s unlikely that – when you are depressed – you’ll feel you can do anything about it.

Trust me. The switch is there, you just have to move into the next room BEFORE you start looking. By the way, when did you last enter a dark room in your home or drive your car at night, without turning the lights on, because you “didn’t feel like it”?

Have faith, you can do it.

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