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We are surrounded by experts, pundits and specialists. Many are self-proclaimed; their notoriety may have more to do with their expertise in self-promotion, then it does with their specialist subject.

I’m not ranting about ‘experts’. I’m making a point that we tend to defer to expertise that may not be quite as capable as it would have us believe. In so doing we can lose sight of our own expertise.

We are all experts in something. For starters, we are experts in our own lives. We have experience and abilities we take for granted, skills we overlook, and knowledge that we underestimate.

So today, why not take a moment to celebrate how good you are at something. It doesn’t need to be a magnificent achievement. In fact, it’s the mundane ones that are most important here; the magnificent ones tend to get noticed and commented on by others anyway.

This is not about positive affirmations; the habit of repeating a positive mantra to yourself in the hope of building a positive attitude about yourself.

It is about genuinely recognising and taking credit for something you are good at.

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