children's emotional development

Children’s emotional development is best not left to chance. Research shows that when children are emotionally aware and able to manage their feelings, this helps to determine how successful and happy they are throughout life.

One way to help your children’s emotional development is to teach them mindfulness. Kid’s are very receptive to the practice of bringing their full attention to the present moment; they do it naturally during their early years.

Learning to be mindful can have a deeply transformative impact on the lives of young people and ultimately lead to a more healthy, happy and compassionate society. Where better to start than with kids. runs training programmes for adults who want to help kids develop the skills that will help them in the here and now –in school, interacting with peers, attending to lessons, taking exams and tests – and for the rest of their lives.

Whether you are a parent or a carer, mindfulness for kids can really help with their emotional development. Basic life skills (such as managing conflict, and self awareness, for example), will benefit them far beyond childhood, and throughout life.

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