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My daily post-writing is one of the most enjoyable parts of my life. It’s also one of the loneliest.

Before you reach out and send me warm thoughts and sound advice on how to make friends, I should say that I like loneliness, from time to time. I always have done.

Perhaps it would be more accurate to say ‘solitude’, but that wouldn’t have worked in the opening of this post (“I’m also one of the solitudiest.” See what I mean?).

Post-writing, well, any writing for that matter, is a a solo activity, ideally it’s free of distractions and intrusions. Publishing what you write is a tremendous act of faith, you hope that there’ll be an appreciative reader, but you never know. That’s pretty much a permanent state of affairs for most writers; until fame comes knocking there’s not enough feedback for it to be otherwise.

Blog-writing is a bit different, in that it has the potential to strike up a conversation on any of the topics covered, as long as the author encourages comments, as I do. Which brings me to the point, sort of.

And the point is…?

Actually, there are a number of points:

A sincere “thank you” to those of you who comment and ‘like’ my posts. I try to thank you each time, but in case I’ve missed any this is my chance to tell you how much I appreciate it.

My most popular post topics are those which are tagged ‘Acceptance’, ‘Relationships’, ‘Communication’ and ‘Spirituality’, in that order. The day when most people read them in Wednesday.

Website magic means that I can collect data on traffic, but that only goes so far. It doesn’t tell me what interests you, nor what inspires and excites you. It gives me no clues about what I should write about to please, and hopefully grow, my audience.

I’d like to hear from you. What topics would you like me to expand on? Are there any new ones you’d like me to tackle?

I’m not looking for flattering feedback; I like to hear nice things, but they’re a bit too vague in this case (besides, I might be dazzled, I might begin to think I’m important).

No, what I’d like you to do is either:

  • Take a look through some of your favourite posts and see if there’s a topic you’d like me to expand on
  • Pick a topic of your own that you’d like to see me cover
  • Suggest another blog-writer who I could ask to contribute a guest post
  • Tell me about anything you think would make the blog more useful.

You can send me your thoughts by using the ‘Comments’ box below, or simply email me.

One Response to “How I Write Posts”

  1. Firstly, thank you very much for keeping your blog going. I find it so synchronistic to my thoughts and makes me feel less alone in trying to make sense of humanity. A subject that haunts me is “How to help others think outside the box”. To become aware of choices that we make and question whether they are ours or influenced by outside pressure. Your blog helps in this Barrie and keeps hope afloat but the media and advertizers seem to have control over us. So far this year your posts have been spot on so more insights that strengthen our compassion for ourselves and all others who live on our planet would be great.

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