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If you are interested in how you live your life well, this site can help you.

For some years, my strapline has been “Life Doesn’t Have to Be Like That”. It reflects my deeply held belief that whatever the problem, there’s usually something we can do to alleviate the burden. This doesn’t mean that we can solve all our difficulties. It means that, with the right information, we can almost always do something to make things more bearable or easier.

The human spirit is a wonderful resource, but we easily lose sight of that when we are at a loss, under pressure, or suffering.

However resourceful, successful, fit, fulfilled and well… just OK you are, you have surely known times when your normal talent for getting it right abandoned you. “Life Doesn’t Have to Be Like That” is a reminder that there is always a way to help ourselves. We don’t always have the resources or the information we need to do it, which is where this site and others like it have a part to play.

In the doldrums

From time to time any of us can find ourselves momentarily in the doldrums, unsure of which way to move next, or simply in need of a chance to step off the treadmill and plan.

That’s where this site comes in. Whether you are going through a bad patch – an adjustment to change for example – or your difficulties are more sustained and mean you’ve struggled over time, I’d like to show you that it can change. “Life doesn’t have to be like that” has been my mantra for years. I believe it, and I can demonstrate it.

The posts on my blog are all aimed at prompting thought and signposting a way through some of the unavoidable challenges we face. Everything I write is intended to be light, accessible, thought-provoking and relevant to your life in some way. My posts are backed by 30 years’ experience as a therapist and consultant, and a lifetime of dealing with this stuff myself, and learning.

Whatever the challenge, difficulty or problem, I always aim to show that “Life doesn’t have to be like that”.


This site contains a lot of useful information. Much of it is designed to be practical, to provide or signpost things you can actually DO to make a difference in your life. As well as this site, and my blog, I also have online personal development courses on My Training website.

And therapy

The same is true of my therapy. We won’t spend time discussing what went wrong, your guilt or your failures. I’ll help redirect you by identifying your strengths, focusing on and improving your abilities. A shift should occur in the first session, and often that’s enough for some people. Read more about Single Session Therapy. Read more about Barry Winbolt.

In cases where more sessions are needed – some people prefer it this way and not everyone chooses a single session – I typically see people for three to five sessions. This is what other practitioners like me generally find as well. Brief Therapy and Coaching means identifying and building on your competencies and strengths, with quicker and more satisfying results.

If you like what I’ve written here, please subscribe to my newsletter. If you think I can help you improve your life in some way, then contact me, Barry Winbolt, for a no-strings free introductory chat. I’m pretty easy to talk to.

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I’m a psychologist, coach, and therapist. All my work is aimed at enabling people to improve personal aspects of their lives and work.


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