We can talk

Online coaching and therapy means you can talk to me wherever you are. I offer a free, no-strings discussion so that you can find out more about me and I can understand what it is you’d like help with.

We can talk over ideas and I can answer any questions you have. After that, you decide. Book a session, go away and think about it, or simply use whatever comes out of the conversation (some people find that a single conversation like this is often all that’s needed).

Distance is no obstacle to having a helpful conversation

Online therapy and coaching makes it possible for conversations with clients from all over the world. Distance is no obstacle to having a helpful conversation. Many of us are already familiar Skype or similar services for talking to friends, family or colleagues, wherever they might be, so it is a natural step to hold coaching sessions in a virtual space in the same way.

Rather than being seen as ‘second-best’, surveys with clients show that some people are actually more comfortable using their portable device, laptop or PC.  It can engage those who would never actually take steps to locate a therapist nor visit a consulting room. Convenience is important for busy people, and since we can buy just about anything online, why not coaching and therapy too?

Online coaching and therapy doesn’t just appeal to internet-savvy youngsters or busy working people. Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) have been using it for several years. GPs are offering virtual counselling services to their patients, universities are doing the same for staff and students, and housebound parents and carers can get help and support without leaving those they care for.

What was once an option suddenly became a necessity when the pandemic ruled out personal contact. Within days, online discussions via apps like Zoom and Skype were the only way we could ‘meet’. This brought with it a rise in both awareness and use of online services for therapy and coaching.

Coaching, therapy or training online may be ideal for you because it is easy to access, simple to schedule and it means you can ’try before you buy’ with a free session to assess the person you’d be working with.

Why choose online therapy or coaching?

  • It is often more convenient to ‘meet’ your therapist in the comfort of your home or office
  • It saves time and money because there is no travel or associated costs
  • Greater choice; when you remove the limitation of travel many more possibilities become available
  • Easier access to the practitioner with shorter waiting times
  • An initial consultation, free, to assess the practitioner before committing
  • Email backup between sessions should you feel the need.

Thinking of speaking to me?

The way to et up a conversation is to send me an initial contact using the form below. We can agree a mutually convenient time. Let me know your country of residence, time zone, and the best time for you local time, so that I can factor in the time difference (I’m in the UK). 

An initial free call lasts 20-30 minutes. If you decide you’d like to work with me we can continue with a full, paid session right away. Or, if you’d like take time to think about it, that’s OK too. We can schedule another conversation.

Sessions last 60-90 minutes, I invoice via Paypal after each session. I charge £75.00 ($90 US) per session. 

When you contact me feel free to ask any questions. You can use the initil free session to judge whether you want to take the conversations further. If you decide that I’m not for you, then you are free to choose.

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