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Optimism is about outlook and habitual thinking patterns. It does not mean giving up beliefs or throwing caution to the wind, but understanding and changing  the limiting ways of the mind and choosing to think differently.

We all have automatic tendencies in the way we think, and they can result in a kind of intellectual wrestling match as our inner pessimist vies for supremacy over our hopes and aspirations.

My free guide – How to Practice Optimism

Learning optimism and teaching ourselves to use it by choice can have far reaching consequences that reach deep into our unconscious processes and create emotional and physical resilience. Developing new habits of thought means learning HOW to think, and HOW to use your mind as an ally. It is not about mantras that tell you WHAT to think.

Even if it doesn’t suit you to take a positive outlook, becoming more resilient should be of interest for its proven advantages when dealing with the unavoidable setback and adversity that life throws at us.

What you get

This 10 page LifeHack Guide includes:

  • What is optimism and how does it work?
  • Seven steps to new thinking; how to change your outlook…
  • …and seven exercises to develop optimistic thinking habits
  • The lifestyle, health and psychological benefits of positive outlook
  • The crucial components in developing an optimistic outlook
  • The thinking styles that promote optimism
  • The pitfalls that cause pessimism
  • Neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’, but a choice
  • Reading list; titles to help you continue your study.

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