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Being INSPIRED is about a constant process of review and adjustment. Whenever you’re feeling that you have to push yourself, or you’re not enjoying life it’s time to review. Whenever you feel you are fulfilling a quota, it’s time to review.

Reviewing is simple, not complicated. All you need to do is sit quietly, focus inwardly, ask yourself where you are and if you are aligned with your vision. I call this reviewing your inner landscape (just like a real landscape, are there any blots on the landscape, anything that looks out of place?)

A call to action

This is the sense in which I’m using ‘inspired’ here. Feeling inspired to act is often only an impulse; a flash of creativity or stimulation to get you started. It’s what get’s us to make promises to ourselves, as with our New Year’s Resolutions. Sticking to the promise is often not so easy, which is why over three-quarters these resolutions don’t make it past February!

Learning to re-kindle your vision with regular reflective reviews is what keeps your vision and your promises alive. Know what you really want – not what you SHOULD want, not what others might want for you, not what you think will win approval. Learn to recognise what FEELS RIGHT to you and for you.

What INSPIRES you? Once you’ve glimpsed it focus on it for a little while. Inhabit it. Feel it with all your senses.

Do this regularly.

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