stress buster

Colleagues at Blisspot have produced a great new way of reminding yourself of the simple things you can do each day to keep your life on an even keel and build your resilience.

Blisspot founder, Deborah Fairfull explains why this stress buster is useful:

“To commemorate Mental Health Month, Blisspot has a created a Stress BusterInfographic (shared below). I actually try to do most of these things everyday. If you are running short on time (which I often am) you can double up on things. For example, I often meditate on the bus on the way to work, or exercise by going on a walk with a friend. Taking 3 deep breaths can be done anytime, anywhere, taking hardly any time at all. If you miss out on doing things (be kind to yourself), you may have other short term priorities, just get back to incorporating self-care, as soon as you can.”

You can download this stress buster reminder below.





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