These three resilience tips are highly unusual but all tried and tested. Building resilience is a question of daily habits in how we think and behave. Changing to new habits is best done one at a time, so here’s a very simple formula. Try each of these for a few days and report back at the end of a month.

These three resilience tips are about making personal change, but SMALL and ACHIEVABLE changes, which add up to more effective personal habits which help reduce the impact of stress.

These three resilience tips make it simple to get started and they can have a HUGE impact.

I’ve written a three-step plan to get you started. Why three? Sure, there’s a lot more you can do (my earlier download is entitled 9 Steps to Resilience, after all), but let’s keep it simple, OK

Remember, small change leads to bigger change. Just as when you learn anything, regular practice and sticking to the plan means you get to the outcome you want more quickly.

1) Chew gum to reduce stress

Research suggests that when you chew gum to reduce stress and helps to reduce anxiety and even improves mood.

2) Take five breaks

Stress can build throughout the day until, all of a sudden, you are feeling overwhelmed. Punctuating your day with five short breaks interrupts the build-up and also allows you to step back and review how things are going.

3) Take cold showers

I’ve saved this for last because it sounds both ridiculous and scary. But it works and for my money, it is definitely the most effective, with added health benefits. Don’t take my word for it; Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall made it part of his regular regime and said later “I feel invigorated, I feel ready for anything actually, I feel alive.” 

Regular cold showers have also been shown to help reduce anxiety and depression.

Three resilience tips

These three resilience tips make it simple to get started and they can have a HUGE impact. They have all been validated by research so, even though they seem a bit odd, they have been shown to be effective.

Start with one per week and let me know how you are feeling a month from now.

Best wishes!