workplace relationships

A Workplace Webinar

In the workplace, it is essential that we listen to and respect the opinions of those around us. However, it is also important that we voice our own views with confidence and honesty. Striking this balance is not always easy, particularly when there are differing viewpoints within a team. This webinar is designed to build on existing interpersonal skills, helping staff to communicate effectively in the face of different opinions or difficult behaviour. 

The ultimate goal is to empower staff to assert their own needs, while also recognising the needs of the organisation and the people around them.


  • What constitutes healthy and productive relationships at work
  • The key skills of effective communication
  • Typical ‘black spots’ that can threaten healthy communication 
  • Working collaboratively to avoid resistance and improve outcomes
  • Increased communication options in the face of ‘difficult behaviour’
  • Deal with dissent and disagreement productively.


Develop greater cohesion and team spirit

Encourage tolerance for differing opinions

Reduce complaints of mistreatment

Encourage individual responsibility for a healthy workplace culture.

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