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Building resilience is about fostering attitudes and habits in yourself which will boost your robustness and reduce the impact of stressful events.

Resilience refers to a person’s ability to function well in the face of high demand, unwanted change, challenge, or adversity. Resilient people are better able to deal with adversity and to rise to a challenge constructively.

Resilience is personal robustness. It’s built of a set of characteristics that most people possess, more or less. We are naturally stronger in some areas than in others, which means that we can play to our strengths, and recognise and develop our characteristics where they are under-developed or lacking.

This video by Dr Stephen Marmer is about building resilience. It will show you how to do begin to develop the qualities you need. When you understand what these characteristics are you can begin to foster attitudes and habits in yourself which will boost your resilience and reduce the impact of stressful events.

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