A Workplace Webinar

Any change, whether experienced in the workplace or elsewhere, can cause concern, uncertainty and pressure for most of us. In this webinar, participants look at ways to deal with these periods of transition, the benefits of change, their attitudes and approaches to change, and how to maintain consistent performance while living and working through challenging times. 

Over time, every organisation must adapt to meet new business goals or the changing needs of its stakeholders. Managers and advisors (OH, HR and others) have the difficult task of adapting their own working practices to accommodate such changes, while also assisting others to cope with the transition. This 60-minute webinar helps managers and others to ensure that individual responses to change are understood, and that team cohesion and performance, quality of service, and emotional wellbeing remain high during times of change. 


  • The myths of change and the benefits that people overlook 
  • Common responses to uncertainty and change 
  • Resisting, versus forward thinking and adapting
  • Change, discomfort, and acceptance
  • Matching personal goals and belief systems with organisational thinking 
  • Resilience in the face of change
  • The importance of adopting a ‘learning attitude’
  • Encouraging others to become an active part of the change process


An opportunity to reflect on the change process

Identify personal core values and belief systems

Understand how pressure, uncertainty and change can affect thinking

Enable better understanding of how people typically respond to change

Provide new insights into improving the quality of working life when under pressure

Know how to enhance personal communication to build and sustain effective working relationships.