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I am about to launch my new online course ‘How to Listen Effectively’. Before I do I’d really appreciate YOUR HELP in responding to my 4-MINUTE survey. One good turn deserves another, SO if you respond to my survey I’ll send you a personalised free-access link to the course when it goes live in a few weeks. You’ll benefit from the complete, video-based course, absolutely free.

Assuming that you have the gift of ‘normal’ hearing, it is – like breathing – constant and largely unconscious. Listening is another matter; it requires focus and attention to do it properly. Trained listeners understand this, and many roles, the caring or helping professions, for example, involve learning how to listen effectively.

But listening effectively shouldn’t be limited to a specific job or vocation. Good listening is the first and most important factor in being able to communicate effectively, and strong listening skills help improve relationships, reduce misunderstandings, save time and even avoid conflict, to mention just a few of the benefits.

Foundation skills

The importance of listening well is vastly underrated. It is often overlooked that it is the foundation of effective communication, for example, and it is also the starting point for any successful resolution of conflict. The survey questions are aimed at helping me understand how respondents view the importance of listening, and their attitudes, skills, and abilities in that area.

You’ll be asked for your email address so that I can send you the key for course access when it is published. Further on in the survey, you can opt out if you don’t want to receive this offer.
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Your free offer

This brief 20-question survey will help me understand people’s views and attitudes about listening, and if you decide to help you’ll get priveliged access to the whole course, absolutely free, as soon as it is published.

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