mental wellbeing at work

A Workplace Webinar

Mental wellbeing doesn’t come about by accident, and the world we have created can easily threaten the balance we rely on to stay resilient and healthy. This webinar can help you bolster your mental wellbeing, identify the things that threaten it, and protect yourself with simple, daily practices to help you look after your mental wellbeing. 

How well do you understand how to protect your mental wellbeing? These are trying times, unless you take positive action to take care of your emotional and psychological health, you could be at risk. If you are an employer, how do you care for the mental wellbeing of your staff? Mental wellbeing may be a personal matter, but employers can do their bit by raising the topic and encouraging staff awareness. This webinar provides a starting point in an invaluable dialogue between employees and their employer.


  • The habits and routines that protect mental health
  • How to assess your mental wellbeing
  • The 7 Components of Mental wellbeing
  • How to boost mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Daily habits to ‘tune in’ with yourself
  • What to do if you sense that things begin to slide
  • Practices to boost mental and emotional wellbeing
  • How to stay fit and avoid burnout.


The risks and threats to mental wellbeing

The habits and routines that protect mental health

How healthy attitudes encourage positive emotions

Lifestyle aspects that protect mental health and wellbeing. 

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