Working with Organisations, individuals, and groups

My 40-year career as an entrepreneur led me to  act as an advisor to organisations and individuals in all sectors. Initially, this came about when I was asked by a major client of my manufacturing company to act as a consultant to his fashion supply business.

This led to other requests, in the UK, France, and the former USSR, to fulfil similar roles. I have never needed to advertise this aspect of my activities. But, as ‘consultant’ is a rather abstract term that can mean different things in different contexts, for clarity I’m outlining what it means in my case.

Working with organisations

I have worked with all kinds of organisations in the private, public, charity and voluntary sectors. Broadly, these jobs can be put into two categories:

Workplace relations

Training and/or advising on staff development

Communication, and the workplace culture

Organisational and Team Resilience

Conflict management, mediation, problem-solving

Sensitive issues, matters that management was unable or unwilling to deal with


Business planning, from startups to established companies

Change management

Shining light on the ‘blind spots’ and issues that were impeding growth.

Future visioning around succession and longevity.

Supporting individuals

Coaching , Mentoring

Psychological support where needed

Personal development with employees and managers

Team harmony and productivity

Role and career

Assuming responsibility, stepping up after promotion.

In recent years I have worked with a number of smaller entities in the public, and voluntary sectors, and with charities. Some of this has been voluntary on my part, and some paid. Whatever the requirements as a consultant, my track record (with testimonials), and feedback attest to my commitment and my effectiveness in each role.

Was it not so, I would not have been able to enjoy my consultancy work for so long. It is one of the few careers where age and experience are truly valued.

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I’m a psychologist, coach, and therapist. All my work is aimed at enabling people to improve personal aspects of their lives and work.