sensitive conversation

Managers are frequently under-confident about tackling staff on issues that may be judged unwelcome or sensitive. The skills of giving out a difficult message can be taught, but they are rarely part of managers’ training. When not handled with clarity and confidence discussions can produce resistance, arguments or demotivation, and the key message may get lost through tension and conflict.

This webinar is designed to support managers who need to tackle difficult topics in a productive, fair and balanced way, and be sure of getting the results they need. This means striking the right note of respectful concern for the employee, personally and professionally, while issuing the key message in an empathetic yet and objective manner. This webinar will enhance managers’ skills so that they can feel and act with greater confidence, set goals for their conversations and respectfully follow-through with staff. Such productive conversations reduce the risk that staff members will feel unheard, misunderstood or under-valued. The aim is to produce more collaborative relationships between managers and employees generally, and in particular where the subject under discussion might otherwise result in confrontation.


  • What is a ‘sensitive conversation’
  • How to create the right setting
  • Context, environment and abilities
  • What is the message?
  • Listening skills, acknowledgement
  • Summarising, framing the response
  • Giving news, ‘good’ or ‘bad’, feedback and comment
  • Setting the scene and following through.


Understanding clear and structure communications

Provide a framework for empathic and effective conversations

Confidence when tackling sensitive issues or difficult topics 

Provides an outcome-oriented structure to improve results.

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