difficult people webinar,

This 60 minute webinar is highly engaging, thought-provoking, and informative. It provides practical strategies for communicating effectively in situations where someone is unable to unwilling to work collaboratively. Based on my ever-successful seminar series, it entertains and empowers attendees at all levels, allowing them an opportunity to reflect on their responses when faced with another’s difficult behaviour, and to become more confident and try out new approaches in future.

Though brief, the session covers the key points for dealing with obstructive or problematic behaviour. It provides over 30 tips and several problem-solving strategies, and discusses commonly encountered difficult situations and ways to handle them. The event is enlivened by the Q & A  and case examples throughout.


  • What makes people ‘difficult’?
  • Dealing with people you can’t get along with
  • Understanding the outcomes you want
  • Handling your own emotional responses
  • The three key skills for any difficult situation
  • Systemic vs personal behaviour problems
  • How labelling behaviour limits our responses
  • Ensuring your message is heard
  • Separating impact from intent
  • Navigating around obstacles
  • Tactics for staying on track
  • Maintaining dignity and respect
  • Keeping cool at all costs
  • Dealing with dissent and disagreement


Become more confident in the face of ‘obstructive’ behaviour

Get better results from uncooperative ‘others’

Identify your own ‘difficult’ behaviour

Persuade or influence rather than confront

Work with colleagues you find uncooperative.

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