A Workplace Webinar

Feelings of loss do not only occur in obvious cases of bereavement. Many people experience loss in other situations as well – such as divorce, job loss and even moving home from an international assignment.

Understanding and Coping with Loss is a webinar that explains how people can move through predictable phases towards acceptance and healing, and the steps that we need to keep in mind in order to help ourselves and others. This process is called ‘transition’, and it is a necessary part of healing and growth. 


  • Typical responses, shock, distress and trauma 
  • Psychological and behavioural reactions to loss
  • Denial, uncertainty and hope
  • Recognising the signs in ourselves and others 
  • When and how to intervene, when not to
  • Supporting others such as colleagues 
  • Listening and acknowledgement 
  • Vicarious shock, handling our own distress
  • Offers of practical help
  • Keeping communications open 
  • A practical guide to feeling better 
  • The healing process.


Raise awareness of the psychological and behavioural responses to bereavement and to consider the impact on self and others

Understand the affects of grief and respond with compassion

Provide a framework for empathic and effective conversations

Increase confidence when tackling sensitive issues or difficult topics 

To offer guidelines for self care and support for others.